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I Come and Go

By Walter Weinschenk in a dream she summoned me, death shroud night gown kept her warm; sunken shoulders, light beige cloth. I saw her march through desert night, carbon black like Rembrandt’s hat, darker than the ceiling you know is there but cannot find when roused from sleep by troubled thoughts disguised as dreams. she … Continue reading I Come and Go

Two Poems

By Lindsay Hargrave Renter But isn’t all ice water ice? I argue with atlas cedars and locals who refuse me—but who can blame them, rolling their eyes as I drive on the rails and trample sacred dandelions with shaky footing. I pretend to be like the weeds, respirating through tragedy and persevering yellow through concrete, … Continue reading Two Poems


by Taylor Wallace She fights for every lungful of air as the startled river swallows her whole. With her eyes wide open, the murky water wraps around her like a heavy cloak. She thrashes until the edges of her vision blur, until her expanding lungs scorch with pain, until the crushing coldness numbs her limbs. … Continue reading Inconceivable

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