Coming Over to Your Side Now by Derek Thomas Dew

Not Yet, I ‘m Still Dancing by Serge Lecomte

A boy who starred

in some movies         killed himself

this last weekend.

Nothing is as gloriously


and self-mythologizing

As saying         aloud

I arrived

at the train station.   

It’s not the motherly

bulb blue     across the door.

It’s not the burnt streets

named after saints      named after streets.

Out here               the night air is warm

soft bread against your face

and there is          something out here

but it’s not the glowing    red heart

of the twenty-four hour market.

There’s a punishment for being grateful


I used to have a knack

for knowing               exactly

whose body to step over

to stay                           within the desert.

Derek Thomas Dew’s debut collection of poetry, Riddle Field, received the Test Site Poetry Prize and is out October 2020 from University of Nevada Press.  His literary work has appeared in a number of anthologies, and his poetry has been published in a variety of journals, including Interim, Twyckenham Notes, The Maynard, The Curator, Two Hawks Quarterly, Tempered Runes Press, bee house journal, and Hawaii Pacific Review.  He is a winner of an Oregon Opportunity Grant and an Omnidawn Publishing Workshop Scholarship. He currently lives in Oregon.

Serge Lecomte was born in Belgium. He came to the States where he spent his teens in Brooklyn. After graduating from Tilden H. S. He joined the Medical Corps in the Air Force and was sent to Selma. There he was a crew member on helicopter rescue. He earned a PhD. from Vanderbilt University in Russian Literature and taught Russian and Spanish at the University of Alaska for 20 years. He now resides in Bellingham, WA.
He is a published novelist and poet and painter.
His works are available on Amazon.

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