Fall Beyond Twilight by Cristina DeSouza

Flowers in Prague by Anonymous

For Sandra

Give me yellows, reds and browns,

leaves falling subtly on the ground.

Give me rain, fog and the smell of wet earth,

thoughts of love coloring my eternal search.

Give me ghosts, vampires and witches,

give me candies, marshmallow and sweets.

Mantle and fireplace,

fire and a working furnace.

Lastly, give me the honey of your eyes,

soft brown of the season, where I forget

weather and time, while you untie

your hair that falls over your shoulders,

red waterfall in which I dive.

In the distance, the sun sets magenta

in the ocean and a final drop of

color shines beyond twilight.

Cristina DeSouza is a poet and physician born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, who lives and writes in Flagstaff, AZ. She earned an MFA in creative writing/poetry from Vermont College of Fine Arts in 2016 and has had multiple poems published by several literary magazines and journals both in the US and in Brazil. Her book of poems ‘The Grammar of Senses’ came out in November 2019 by Main Street Rag. Her email address for contact is colo2309@gmail.com.

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