any incident you like by Vännen Sauls

art by Julian Paolo Dayag

every moment drowns
in light of fear
brought aground
without pier

motions toss up praise
i have empty hands

lackluster shine
on ageless specks
announcing missing
missile heads

designed for hitting
fleeing heads
popped balloons
fissured veins
mopping mopping
puddled thoughts
lost in lost
in vacuous space

i remember towers of delicate things
coming together in definite ways
tossing and churning
waking up in the flames

i remember all the shapes
disfigured and twisted
making out the cinderblock shadows,
seeing plastered in pain pain pain
pain pain pain pain
in countless irretrievable nights
i’m just begging for shade

Vännen Sauls, 22, is a philosophy and math student at UNC Chapel Hill. He spends his spare time with his partner and by keeping up to date on the Premier League. He hopes to one day become a mathematician, have a resting heart rate of 45 or below, and have a family with his partner.

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