Too Much of a Good Thing by Laura LeMoon

are we home yet by Xenia Smith

Sucking on oyster brine from a shell

Seafaring corpse of pickled black emollients

That never crumble when you touch it

like other things

Put the coffin back in the sea and hold onto the good

She said

Nothing scrapes the bottom like a barnacle

The tiny rocks rips through the plateau of my freshly shaven legs

a forest fire of water and ash

chili peppers in the desert leaning towards the craftiness of a single coyote

in particular

spinning through orbs that may or may not be real

said she, while ghost hunting in the dark

suck out the venom and pour on the salt.

Laura LeMoon is a Queer, fat, femme writer and author. Her essays and activism have been featured in Rolling Stone, Huffington Post, AP News, Buzzfeed News and others. Her debut book of poetry, A Thousand Little Deaths (Weasel Press 11.03.20) was named one of the most anticipated book releases by Lambda Literary. She lives in Seattle with her three-legged rescue pup, Coco Bean.

Xenia Smith is a California native, currently working and creating out of Sacramento. She works full time printing for a local silk screen shop and helped establish Recluse Arts, an underground arts collective in downtown Sacramento. Xenia is a self taught artist who enjoys old school techniques such as film and silk screen and painting as well.

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