A New Angel in the Landfill by John Sullivan

art by Marek Studzinski

                                        Origin is what this new angel seeks,

                                        clawing through garbage for the

                                        essence of what-hovers-over, the

                                        germ-line of all storms.

                                        Describing nothing in her own words, doing

                                        only / doing over / doing yet again that one

                                        robotic action – playing strict to her life as

                                        scripted by the needs of a Fascist soft machine.

                                        She stops flat, frozen, smells

                                        reek all around, rubs the faded

                                        nubs just below her shoulders,

                                        and asks the sky:

                                        What have I traded my feet for?


John Sullivan was an ACTF Playwriting finalist, received the ‘Jack Kerouac Literary Prize,’ the ‘Writers Voice: New Voices of the West’ Award, AZ Arts Fellowships (Poetry & Playwriting), an Artists Studio Center Fellowship, WESTAF Fellowship; he was also a featured playwright at Denver’s Changing Scene Summer Playfest, an Eco-Arts Fellow with Earth Matters On Stage, Artistic Director of Theater Degree Zero, and directed the Augusto Boal / Theatre of the Oppressed (TO) wing at Seattle Public Theater. He uses TO with communities to promote dialogue on environmental justice with environmental health scientists. His work has been published in a variety of print and online venues. Weasel Press (Manvel TX) published his first book, “Bye-Bye No Fly Zone,” in December 2019. “When Story Stops, the Leak Begins” came out from Unsolicited Press (Portland OR) in April 2020. 

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