Ode to Narcissus, Drowned by Simon Thalmann

art by Pavel Nekoranec

O peaceful fish-pecked face of flesh,
O breaker of the surface glasses,
cosmonaut of liquid space
your time is passed and beauty faded.

Parceled parted lips expose
eroded gums, loosened aquarium-stone teeth,
the hovering tentacles of a split tongue waving
and the threaded softness of a seaweed stump.

Your palette’s wrinkled, full of holes,
particles of water dust, fish scales,
endless salivation of the earth that
crests and troughs where once was air.

O Grecian, former glorious nose!
O pantheon of golden hairs now grey!
O complexion, once crimson, now blue!

Your spidery fissures of purple blood stagnant,
void of the life flow and empty as eyeholes
once envied by gods and by man, but mostly
by you.

Simon A. Thalmann is a writer and photographer from Kalamazoo, Michigan. His work has appeared widely in print and online, including in the Garfield Lake Review, Gargoyle, Spillway, Verbicide Magazine, Weird Tales and others. He is the author of several books of poetry and fiction, including the award-winning “Blaze Goes to College” children’s book series published by Kellogg Community College. Thalmann has work forthcoming in Ember Chasm Review, and his chapbook, “Pretty Haunted Meadow,” was published this year by the Kalamazoo Friends of Poetry as a winner of their 2020 Celery City Chapbook Contest. 

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