Positively First Street by Cynthia Andrews

cemetery by Greg Turlock

They say that it is as easy as the moon’s

reflection in a drop of water to meet the great

Buddha himself.  I met him once, for a moment or

two, walking with two big shopping bags down 14th

Street and First Avenue in New York.  I remember

it was raining slightly and the end of August.  I was

wearing a short little pink thing, which I bought at the

GAP, and couldn’t afford it but I splurged anyway. I was

thirty-something and crying like I was three, but it

was okay because the rain hid most of it.  I was

walking so fast it was almost a run, and almost knocked

him down if I hadn’t stopped short and our eyes

met, and I recognized him immediately.  I was

shaking to the bone and it wasn’t really because

of the short pink thing or the rain.  I just left him behind

me, with all the screams and illogical words that

people speak to each other when it’s all over, or they

think it’s over, but the Buddha took my hand now and

seemed to know where I’ve been and the illogical words

spoken and all the screams, and then he put his other hand

over mine and asked me to calm down and said how much

he looked forward to seeing me at school in two weeks, and

then I just stood there in the rain and watched him for just a

moment walk passed me to the corner and cross the street going

home with those two big shopping bags, while I walked so slowly

and carefully now in the rain to the subway.

Cynthia Andrews is a veteran of the NYC poetry circuit, and has had readings in such venues as The Knitting Factory, Cornelia Street Café, St. Marks Church ,and The Nuyorican Poets Café, where her performance was one of the first to be archived at Poet’s House.  She is the author of two chapbooks and this is her first full collection of poetry.  She has been widely published in various literary journals and anthologies, including ALOUD: Voices From the Nuyorican Poets Café, The Voice Literary Supplement, The 2020 Beat Poets Anthology, Long Shot, Red Fez and Tribes Literary Journal.  She has been a favored guest poet on cable TV and radio, including Teachers and Writers in the Morning and WBAI New York.  Nominated for a Pushcart Prize twice and a finalist for the Downtown Year of the Poet, she holds an MFA in Creative Writing and resides in Queens, New York.

Greg Turlock is a published poet, author and photographer. His credits include “Rivers of Life”, award-winning poem from the 2019 Alberta Arts Awards, “Hightops in the Snow”, his new young-adult novel, “Prairie Survivors” photo essay in High Shelf Press and “Beauty from the Underworld” photo in Tiny Seed Journal. Greg lives in Parkland County, Alberta CANADA www.gregturlockcreative.com

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