The Mechanics of Regret by Tyler Gnass

From the Shadows of Our Mind by Greg Turlock

My grandma often hinged at her hips

trying to relieve a hunched spine

and generations of rue.

She would unfold all the way back

to her native tongue

slip in a foreign word to ensure

I felt the weight of her conscience.

Fylleangst. The Norwegian term

for the fear and anxiety one feels

when trying to recall their actions

the day after being blackout drunk.

But she wasn’t referring to one hangover

she encompassed a lifetime.

During the Second World War

she was a teen caught in a tryst

with a German soldier

who had invaded her homeland…

even after all these years

she could never confess all the way.

I only know how the story ends

with sparse details on how it began.

Antique skeletons are still skeletons

that take up space in a closet

or a body, she would often say. 

I’m not the type to expose shortcomings

but I will mention, by that point

her frame was tiny, all bone

existing just beneath paper thin skin.

Tyler Gnass spends his days in a very technical world developing medical devices in Vancouver, British Columbia. Looking for balance, his free time is dedicated to art: writing poetry, completing his first novel and creating music.

Greg Turlock is a published poet, author and photographer. His credits include “Rivers of Life”, award-winning poem from the 2019 Alberta Arts Awards, “Hightops in the Snow”, his new young-adult novel, “Prairie Survivors” photo essay in High Shelf Press and “Beauty from the Underworld” photo in Tiny Seed Journal. Greg lives in Parkland County, Alberta CANADA

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