Orchid by Audrey Colasanti

art by
Kyla Flanagan

Button Eye Poetry Contest – Winner

your velvet lips

capture bumblebees

between their folds

you are a silk vagina

with teeth

a pair of dutchman’s slippers

a pouting purse

you thrive in inhospitable peat bogs

the kind that suck away rubber boots

& can drown a python



duels have been won

& lost

over you

men have gone mad

in search of you

a single flower

such power

you freak of flora

witchy thing.

Until recently, Audrey Colasanti has been a closet-poet, writing often but hesitant to submit her work for review. Under the encouragement and tutelage of poet, Danez Smith, Colasanti now has a much-anticipated manuscript – ‘green’ – to be published by The Black Spring Press Group/UK, 2021-22.  

Colasanti has been shortlisted for the Anne Sexton Prize For Poetry and the Sandy Crimmons National Prize.  She was also a semi-finalist for the 2020 Walt Whitman Award/Graywolf Press and long-listed for the Poetry Society 2020 National Poetry Competition.  You can follow her at acolasanti.com

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