I Needle My Grief, Tongue to Rotten Tooth by Ashley Mallick

climb into Mama’s corpse and pullthe flooded shores of her together.Realize this body is mine waiting, chin tuckedover the lanes of skin rocky with thread and hole.Her breasts mold against me, the crests of her nippleshollow pools swallowing my own.Jump, squirm toe into toe, remembershe told me I was safe with her,straighten the armor of … Continue reading I Needle My Grief, Tongue to Rotten Tooth by Ashley Mallick

Two Poems by Melissa Gill

Persephone’s Lamet I nuzzle my pointed nose against versed violets, a patch of giddy flowers, touched by the sun’s golden threads. My fingers wrap around emerald stems, hugging their pedicels like a wine glass. A tickling breeze stirs sleeping magpies, rattling a still forest, whispering in my veins. Gusts of wind steal leaves, balding my … Continue reading Two Poems by Melissa Gill

Stay by Shanna Merceron

We had saved the curtains for last. I spent the day with my family, condensing our small home into small boxes, and now I stood in our foyer assessing what was left to be done, our belongings stacked in boxes like a cardboard castle, threatening to tumble down around me. I was going to miss … Continue reading Stay by Shanna Merceron

Coming Over to Your Side Now by Derek Thomas Dew

A boy who starred in some movies         killed himself this last weekend. Nothing is as gloriously true and self-mythologizing As saying         aloud I arrived at the train station.    It’s not the motherly bulb blue     across the door. It’s not the burnt streets named after saints      named after streets. Out here               the night air is … Continue reading Coming Over to Your Side Now by Derek Thomas Dew

Bloodmeal No. 3 by Taylor Card

“Don’t bother,” the pregnant mother ticks grunt in the layered mush of leaves and dead flowers beneath the birth-bush. “You’re better off starving to death then living as a one-hoster. Time spent doesn’t pay off the pain of loss.” The mothers each lay between two and eight thousand eggs, and then they die. *** After … Continue reading Bloodmeal No. 3 by Taylor Card

Ghosts by Emily Dolan

I. They live in the whites of my eyes and the thud of my feet against blacktop; Some days they’re my hips my breath my swallow; the traffic light stuck on yellow revolving door and inhales before goodbye a sturdy trunk kissing flimsy front bumpers; Some days they’re stuck in the teeth of the people … Continue reading Ghosts by Emily Dolan

Two Poems by Michelle Brooks

Household Poisons The afternoons are the worst, the brightness not fading fast enough when you have gone nowhere and seen no one. You when the past threatens to break linger in the valley of dry bones your heart. You scroll the channels on Sirius, certain there’s something better than the Grateful Dead station that has … Continue reading Two Poems by Michelle Brooks

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