Orchid by Audrey Colasanti

Button Eye Poetry Contest – Winner your velvet lips capture bumblebees between their folds you are a silk vagina with teeth a pair of dutchman’s slippers a pouting purse you thrive in inhospitable peat bogs the kind that suck away rubber boots & can drown a python caught daydreaming duels have been won & lost … Continue reading Orchid by Audrey Colasanti

Pickleman by Remi Seamon

button eye fiction contest – winner A generator, a travel stove; canned things, an old mattress, the single picture tucked into a drawer where you can’t look at it ever not even accidentally; you don’t need much. Four walls, floor and roof all meeting at right angles, no leaks. It takes less than a day … Continue reading Pickleman by Remi Seamon

Bitter by Jennifer Thal

button Eye Poetry Contest – Runner Up January is a bitter month, face crumpling in a lemon-suck scrunch, burning the inside of your mouth and leaving an aftertaste. January is barren, a weeping mother who lost her newborn after the first snowfall. January pulls tears from the corners of your eyes, unforgiving and cruel. January is a punishment, … Continue reading Bitter by Jennifer Thal

A New Angel in the Landfill by John Sullivan

                                        Origin is what this new angel seeks,                                         clawing through garbage for the                                         essence of what-hovers-over, the                                         germ-line of all storms.                                         Describing nothing in her own words, doing                                         only / doing over / doing yet again that one                                         robotic action – playing strict to her life … Continue reading A New Angel in the Landfill by John Sullivan

Ode to Narcissus, Drowned by Simon Thalmann

O peaceful fish-pecked face of flesh,O breaker of the surface glasses,cosmonaut of liquid spaceyour time is passed and beauty faded. Parceled parted lips exposeeroded gums, loosened aquarium-stone teeth,the hovering tentacles of a split tongue wavingand the threaded softness of a seaweed stump. Your palette’s wrinkled, full of holes,particles of water dust, fish scales,endless salivation of … Continue reading Ode to Narcissus, Drowned by Simon Thalmann

Rewind by Amanda Woodard

Magical movies & sci-fi stories warn against time travel, claiming butterflies have it out for us. I’m supposed to say, Everything happens for a reason & God’s will be done. But the truth is: If there really was a God who existed outside of time & prayers were like wishes, I’d ask for the power … Continue reading Rewind by Amanda Woodard


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