I Come and Go

By Walter Weinschenk in a dream she summoned me, death shroud night gown kept her warm; sunken shoulders, light beige cloth. I saw her march through desert night, carbon black like Rembrandt’s hat, darker than the ceiling you know is there but cannot find when roused from sleep by troubled thoughts disguised as dreams. she … Continue reading I Come and Go

Two Poems

By Lindsay Hargrave Renter But isn’t all ice water ice? I argue with atlas cedars and locals who refuse me—but who can blame them, rolling their eyes as I drive on the rails and trample sacred dandelions with shaky footing. I pretend to be like the weeds, respirating through tragedy and persevering yellow through concrete, … Continue reading Two Poems


by Taylor Wallace She fights for every lungful of air as the startled river swallows her whole. With her eyes wide open, the murky water wraps around her like a heavy cloak. She thrashes until the edges of her vision blur, until her expanding lungs scorch with pain, until the crushing coldness numbs her limbs. … Continue reading Inconceivable

Mothman by Michelle Engels

Black and white graphite sketches with a pop of red for your glowing compound eyes. Furred wings silent in the night, torso hard, carapace- like. Did you collapse the Silver Bridge? Or were you but a harbinger, the first if not the last sign to foreshadow doom among the stars of the Point Pleasant skies?  … Continue reading Mothman by Michelle Engels

Pray by Anthony Lee Hamilton

Bill has been eating varmints for as long as I’ve known him. When he first moved in, he brought, along with the rest of the food from his last space, a Ziploc bag of frozen groundhog stew.             “He’d been digging up all my root vegetables,” Bill explained, dumping the frozen stuff into a cast … Continue reading Pray by Anthony Lee Hamilton

Two Poems

by Florina Nastase chilblains the last month is autumn: a bearded nun sifts pine sap while her sisters roast the boy’s meat and turn the potted plants towards the sun. sunshine on the roof of nobody. they wired these medieval walls for outsiders who came to buy sap sifted by virgins. people with mirrors listened … Continue reading Two Poems

Two Poems

by Colby Gates We Had Bodies We grew hungry for revelation. Pupils dilated from the center, able to discern distant objects— cone and rod focused on the space between god’s broad shoulders. The work began: dismantling the body of the divine— dark curtains of flesh opened, exposed a spine of barbed and hooked bone, scraped … Continue reading Two Poems

I Needle My Grief, Tongue to Rotten Tooth by Ashley Mallick

climb into Mama’s corpse and pullthe flooded shores of her together.Realize this body is mine waiting, chin tuckedover the lanes of skin rocky with thread and hole.Her breasts mold against me, the crests of her nippleshollow pools swallowing my own.Jump, squirm toe into toe, remembershe told me I was safe with her,straighten the armor of … Continue reading I Needle My Grief, Tongue to Rotten Tooth by Ashley Mallick

Two Poems by Melissa Gill

Persephone’s Lamet I nuzzle my pointed nose against versed violets, a patch of giddy flowers, touched by the sun’s golden threads. My fingers wrap around emerald stems, hugging their pedicels like a wine glass. A tickling breeze stirs sleeping magpies, rattling a still forest, whispering in my veins. Gusts of wind steal leaves, balding my … Continue reading Two Poems by Melissa Gill


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