On the Edge by Bibiana Ossai

A twelve-year-old girl straggles her feet one after the other. The edges of tree branches cut through her skin, and sharp objects hidden beneath the fallen leaves pierce under her feet. She rolls down a hill three times, and each time, her face strikes itself against a stone or a half stone.             When the … Continue reading On the Edge by Bibiana Ossai

Snap by Tara Kenway

You’re getting ready to go to the lake with your family. You’re 9 years old. It’s already a beautiful, warm day and it’s only 10 o’clock. Your mother is preparing the picnic – roast chicken, green salad with spring onions and cherry tomatoes. You ask her if you can bring along the sweets from your … Continue reading Snap by Tara Kenway

Two Poems by Samantha Cramer

Braising Bones I have always wished to be a collection of bones, skin, and tightened sinew- cleaner, harder: rock star hipbones and ivorykeyed ribs, jangle of cartilage, and  calcium. This body, my echoes- monstermyth of my own devising,  hellfire warning-banner hair. If I gave you my heart, how would you eat it? Minced thin, braised … Continue reading Two Poems by Samantha Cramer

Scratch by Logan Cox

There’s a shattered television outside on the curb. Pedestrians are starting to gather around it like pigeons. They look more confused than pigeons. Why are people around here so shocked when I throw things out the window? I mean, I’ve done it three times already. Scratch that, four times. Forgot about Satan’s toaster last week. … Continue reading Scratch by Logan Cox

Autobiography by Naomi Edwards

          I killed a man once.  I said at the bar.  I was lying, because I’m a woman.            Women lie.  At least, we lie when we’re sleeping, we don’t sleep           standing up.            I had a horse once.  Deep in the fields I lost it, let go of its bridle and           there … Continue reading Autobiography by Naomi Edwards


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