Descent by Mark Hammerschick

Momma Francine and Queen Layla by George L Stein


maybe you should start

by asking

the right fucking questions.

But then again maybe not

the truth is out there

if you look hard enough

but we never do

we just keep fucking up

stumbling and bumbling

through lives lived on the edge

aloof, detached, fragmented

lurking in the dank shadows

where cragged crevices creep

relentlessly ruthless

like in the dark corner

where the naked women


as the gas


Mark writes fiction and poetry. He has a BA in English from the University of Illinois and a BS and MBA. He lives on the north shore in the Chicago area.

George L Stein is a photographer in the New Jersey/NYC area focused on art, street, urban decay, surreal, and alt/portrait photography. He has previously been published in a number of literary magazines such as Beyond Words, Juste Milleiuzine, and NUNUM.