To Be Alone With You By Natalie Mau

In that last morning, smoke curled over the water.

White geese floated across the perfect mirror,

making ripples soft as an echo.

I thought of you as the sun rose over the trees

and through the bare branches– spilling over

the pond. The light cut through it,

exposing the fish, the weeds, the muck–

together, swaying slowly, in a dance beneath

the legs of white geese.

It was then that I had the thought, perhaps

the water is deep enough to drown.

Natalie Mau is a current poetry student at Georgia College and State University’s MFA in Creative Writing program, where she also reads submissions for Arts & Letters literary journal. She is a three-time finalist for the Margaret Harvin Wilson writing award and is currently working on her first poetry collection. When she is not writing, Natalie can be found working in her garden, taking a walk through town with her wife, or enjoying a cup of coffee on her front porch.