Two Poems

by Florina Nastase

sctt by Daniel Kent


the last month is autumn:

a bearded nun sifts pine sap

while her sisters roast the boy’s meat

and turn the potted plants

towards the sun.

sunshine on the roof of nobody.

they wired these medieval walls

for outsiders who came to

buy sap sifted by virgins.

people with mirrors listened to the trade.

there’s never been so many airways

but there’s only one belfry.

autumn has made me question autumn.

prayers are a different kind

of burning meat. i asked them to spare me

this month.

today, the mirror made me spill the sap

in my lap like a man’s fortune.

it smells of barbecue

and the history of all this goodness

gives me chilblains.

please give us the sun

finally, nothing can discontinue.

whether I hold the face under the faucet

or cut the ears like onions,

the thing will stain the floor with its children,

it will crawl in the clefts and create culture.

I can’t stop myself from being god

and god allows the being to

multiply. until when?

saprophytic little follicles, cleaving to my leg

fondling me,   please give us the sun,

I don’t turn on the light.

they mutate in the violet dark  my own

benevolence I don’t know

how big can they grow?

last week, I thought I heard

the foxtrot of bugs,

yesterday, I woke up

in the middle of the night.

the kitchen lights were on, already

they had wings.

their hungry mouths craved song.

I let them sing

my glory. god makes angels

against his will. 

Florina Nastase is an Assistant Professor at ‘Alexandru Ioan Cuza’ University in Iasi, Romania. She holds a PhD in American poetry, and spends copious amounts of time writing online. She has been published in Kajet, Gasher Journal, The Decadent Review, La Piccioletta Barca, High-Shelf Press and others, and hopes to publish more.

Daniel Kent Foley is a Navajo visual artist and writer based in Central Ohio. He works mostly in mixed media and photography, experimenting with processes and layering them to create odd subjects in strange environments that exist somewhere between representation and total abstraction. He aims to provoke critical thinking by presenting forms that vaguely echo reality in compositions that defy it; suggesting a narrative but allowing the audience to arrive at it themselves and in their own way.

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