Consonant by Cassandra Leone

My head has been replaced 

with blue hydrangeas & I think 

acid-panicle thoughts. Mark edges 

of sounds but—I’ll never be 

a vowel. Irreversible shapes are 

everywhere. Some would call this 

perfect desire: hair sharply parted 

at the nape of the neck. I know 

this much. We sound 

the same, like a pun. & sometimes 

I see people smiling in cars (I’m not 

in control of my fate). But I know 

perfect desire. My sexuality was 

awoken watching a lean, curly-haired 

man transform into a giant 

fly. In the right light 

a scab can look like 

an amethyst. Someone might 

even compliment you 

on your piercing. I once saw 

a cottontail rabbit chew through 

the trunk of AEIOU. It fell

in a shower of purple

blossoms. Can it be 

true? A rabbit’s teeth 

never stop growing? If it comes 

down to it, I’ll eat the sound 

out of your mouth.

Cassandra Leone is an MFA Poetry candidate at UC Irvine. She is originally from the Bay Area in California, and completed her undergraduate degree as a ‘non-traditional student’ at Smith College in Massachusetts. Her poems have been published in The Roadrunner Review and The Milvia Street Journal. Additionally, she’s self published two limited edition letterpress chapbooks at Smith College’s Apiary Press. She’s been awarded the Lynn Garnier Memorial Award for poetry, the Nora Folkenflik Award for Excellence in Poetry, and the Academy of American Poets Prize. She currently resides in San Diego with her boyfriend and pet rabbit.

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